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Aashish Rego Appointed As The Vice Chairman Of APMA, Ensures To Give The Music Creators Due Credit For Their Work

Among many names from the music industry in India, Aashish Rego is one of the gems the country is blessed with. Recently, the Music Composers Association of India (MCAI) held its Annual General Body Meeting which saw many eminent and veteran composers in attendance. Aashish, being the Hon. Gen. Secretary of MCAI was felicitated by reputed composers Shri Kuldeep Singh, Ms Sharda Iyengar and Shri Dilip Dutta for becoming the first Indian to be elected as the Vice-Chairman of the Asia Pacific Music Creators Alliance (APMA).

The alliance comprises 21 member nations out of which Aashish earned the feat of becoming the Vice-Chairman. The supremely talented composer in his exemplary career has scored music for more than 130 TV shows and 25 web series. His contribution to the music industry is unmatchable, and the composer’s appointment as the Vice Chairman of APMA along with Ms. Amanda Brown of Australia and Mr. Yoon Myung-Sun of Korea as the elected Chairman will see the rise of Indian music creators on a global podium.

It is a known fact that APMA unifies music creators’ voices in promoting and protecting their rights and interests in the Asia-Pacific region. Over the years, APMA has been addressing the local and international issues music creators have faced concerning copyright protection. To eradicate this issue, APMA works in sync with the International Council of Music Authors (CIAM).

As Aashish Rego was felicitated as the Vice Chairman, veteran music composer Shri Kuldeep Singh praised his work for taking Music Creators and MCAI to a new level. As Aashish takes the new responsibility, he was told by Mr. Kuldeep Singh to monitor and look into the matter of non-payment of royalties for his inspirational song ‘Itni Shakti Hame Dena Data’ with the Indian Performing Rights Society (IPRS) and the concerned music company.

Being the former director of IPRS, Aashish Rego in the past has raised his voice against the alleged malpractices existing in the music industry. Issues like the distribution of royalties among families and other regulatory violations are being carried for many years. As Shri Kuldeep Singh brought his matter to light in the public forum, Aashish Rego has ensured him that MCAI would take remedial action against the issue. All in all, the occasion was promising with Aashish Rego taking up and assuring to solve the unheard issues of the music industry.

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