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Aashiqui 3 Update: Mukesh Bhatt Denies Rumors of Triptii Dimri Opposite Kartik Aaryan, Says, ‘I Have Not Met This Lady’

Despite capturing hearts with her bold performance in “Animal,” Triptii Dimri isn’t quite ready to step into the iconic world of “Aashiqui 3.” Recent rumors linking her to the lead role opposite Kartik Aaryan in the beloved musical franchise have been squashed by filmmaker Mukesh Bhatt.

Earlier speculations about Sara Ali Khan and Tara Sutaria playing the part also faded away, and Bhatt reiterates that no casting decisions have been made for the female lead. While Triptii’s talent and rising star power undoubtedly make her a captivating potential choice, Aashiqui 3’s leading lady remains officially unknown for now.

Rumors about the leading lady for the highly anticipated “Aashiqui 3” have been swirling, but filmmaker Mukesh Bhatt has put them to rest, at least for now. In a recent statement, he clarified that while Kartik Aaryan has been confirmed for the lead role, the female counterpart remains undecided.

Putting a stop to speculation surrounding names like Triptii Dimri, Sara Ali Khan, and Tara Sutaria, Bhatt emphasized that no casting decisions have been finalized beyond Aaryan. He further revealed that the script and music are still under development, and only once those elements are solidified will the search for the leading lady begin.

“The only name that has been finalized is Kartik Aaryan. Kartik and the music are the stars of Aashiqui 3. The rest will happen after we get the music in place, not before,” stated Bhatt.

This news leaves “Aashiqui 3” fans intrigued and eager to see who will be chosen to share the screen with Aaryan in the next chapter of the beloved musical franchise. The wait for the lead lady’s reveal adds another layer of anticipation to the already highly awaited film.

Exasperated by casting rumors swirling around “Aashiqui 3,” filmmaker Mukesh Bhatt set the record straight: “Rubbish! Absolutely false,” he declared to ETimes. “I’ve stated repeatedly that casting starts only after the script and music are ready. Yet, everyone wants a piece of the Aashiqui pie, even before the oven’s heated up. This is unacceptable.”

Bhatt specifically addressed speculation surrounding actress Triptii Dimri, stating, “I haven’t even met this lady.” He reaffirmed that Kartik Aaryan remains the sole confirmed cast member, emphasizing, “Kartik and the music are the stars of Aashiqui 3. The rest comes after the music, not before.”

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