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Om Desai’s character in Kitti Sangaychaya Mala is simple on the surface but has its own complexities. Aashay Kulkarni portrays the character with simplicity of his won. Om Desai has high asprirations and is dedicated to becoming successful. His marriage with Arpita is turning into a beautiful union while she tries to find her own position in the family among relatives. Om is supportive and flexible in his views when it comes to Arpita’s choices and lifestyle.

Aashay Kulkarni fits the character of Om well and has received much recognition in the role now. Aashay was a model before he was chosen for the role of Om Desai in Kitti Sangaychya Mala. Prior to this, he has acted in the movie Photocopy directed by Vijay Mourya. It released in August 2016. Parna Pethe played the lead role in Photocopy. Aashay played a friend to the lead couple.

Aashay was seen in the film Woman Divine released in 2015. He shared the screen with new actors namely Ketki Narayan, Aziz Rajabali. The movie was directed by Rajan Mangwani.

In real life , Aashay is a fun loving sociable guy who loves to spend time with his friends and family.

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