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Aamir’s most memorable characters and why we love them

1). Rancho (3 Idiots)

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Ranchoddas , the young man who thinks out of the box and is ready to give even his life for his friends is inspiring and adorable. This film which broke all records of collection in India and abroad was epoch making in the history of Bollywood as no other film touched the subject of education and mad race for success so profoundly. The adorable Rancho is has gone down as one of the most loveable characters in Bollywood films.

  1. P K in PK :

We had never got a more neutral perspective towards our religion and way of life than as shown by PK. This cute alien sings, dances and makes everyone happy and leaves but not before he teaches us something important. Jaggu’s life is all changed after he leaves her. And we must say he taught us a thing or two.

  1. Mahavir Phogat in Dangal :

It is a known fact that Aamir transforms himself for each film and role. But for this one he transformed himself thrice. Depicting three stages in the life of Mahavir Phogat, Aamir not only looked the character to the T but acted in an exemplary manner without leaving any room for mistake. The father who lives and struggles to make his dream come true is a touching character.

  1. Bhuvan in Lagaan:

When Aamir launched his production house, he chose the subject of pre independence era and became Bhuvan, a rustic illiterate farmer who challenges a bunch of British for a cricket match. What follows is his uniting the most deprived men of the community to form a TEAM and that spells victory.

  1. Amar in Andaaz Apna Apna:

Andaaza Apna Apna is a wonderful comedy which has got a classic status by now. Aamir’s role of Amar was very mischievous and impish. Paired with Salman Khan this was a hilarious comedy that had people rolling with laughter.

  1. Daljit ( DJ) in Rang De Basanti:

Aamir  played the role of a youngster again. He had the cool attitude of a dude but was equally intense when he decided to rebel against system. Beginning on a fun note, the character reaches it’s climax in a heart wrenching manner.

  1. Sanjay in Gajini:

The bald guy suffering from short term memory loss searching for the killers of his lover was a novel concept but it got all the more chillier when Aamir played the role. It scared us and moved us to tears at the same time.

  1. Ram Shankar Nikumb in Taare Zameen Par :

 When a withdrawn Ishaan loses his confidence at all levels, Ram Shankar offers a helping hand by listening to him and helping him discover his own strengths. This was a role that broke stereotypes about teaching and parenting.

  1. Ajay Singh Rathod in Sarfarosh:

A dedicated and audacious police officer sets out to uncover his brother’s killer. With unerring focus he discovers truths about the people around him.

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