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Aamir Signs Action 2015, writes letter to Modi

Aamir Khan in Action 2015

Aamir Khan has been vociferous about various social causes in India. Apart from being a successful actor, he has been also popular in raising his voice for various social issues through his program Satyamev Jayate. Action 2015, is an initiative at the global level wherein a number of celebrities all across the world would be signing to take a pledge to make the world free from menaces like gender inequality, poverty, environment issues, etc. The UN has plans to organise two summits, one would be held in September, while the next would be seen in December. Both the summits would be taking the pledge of representatives coming all across the world to make our planet free from all the social issues.

Aamir Khan has the privilege to join this initiative called Action 2015 and represent India wherein a number of celebrities and activities would be joining the said initiative including Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Bill Gates, Hugg Jackman, Ted Turner, Jose Padiha and Malala Yousafzai. Considering such an honour, Aamir Khan has written a letter to Prime Minister suggesting a couple of things just to gear up for the said program. Congrats, Aamir for this privilege, we expect him to deliver and implement the said program aggressively in India to lead this initiative called Action 2015.

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