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Aamir Khan’s PK Facing Toughest Hurdles – Shooting in Nashik Temple Obstruct

A legendary star of Bollywood none other than ‘Aamir Khan’ seems to be on the verge of facing toughest hurdles for his most awaited project ‘PK’, of course many a times in fact almost every time we have seen all the celebs busy in the making of the movie, but we have hardly seen any of the celebrity to face big issues isn’t? However, there are times when the celebs do believe that making a movie is really not a joke indeed!! But, as it is well said that life hurdles never ever come up with intimation! The same is the case with the makers of ‘Pk’ especially ‘Aamir Khan’.

Catching up a perfect cum never ending attention of media, news channels and social media websites ‘Aamir’ seems to be trending like a star in the entire Bollywood industry by his eventual release of some eye catchy posters of ‘PK’, but hold on guys apart from this now a day’s he’s facing some really different attention like, when the shooting of movie which was about to happen in renowned Kala Ram temple, situated in old Nashik was suddenly obstruct!! Yes, you read this right as the shooting of ‘Pk’ was disrupted briefly and that to by the shrine authorities itself, with insisting on the point that the production team haven’t took necessary permission for shooting in that area in front of ‘Aamir’ shockingly. Nonetheless, if we talk about the sources then it was also said that the production team had already took the permission since a month back, in addition to this, a stamped receipt for the payment of Rs. 25,000/- paid as a donation to the temple was also shown which was claimed by one of the trustees of the temple i.e. Advocate Ajay Nikam acknowledging that the receipt was shown by the production unit of PK.

And last but not the least, as soon as the fans get to know that the shooting will be done at the temple of Kala Ram which is located on the scenic Panchavati area, on the banks of Godavari River, in the old Nashik, the very next moment a large bevy of crowd gathered to watch the shooting and of course to watch the legendary star Aamir Khan in the shooting as well. Though, the movie is set to be released on 19th December 2014 but who knows till then we can catch some stunning cum spicy news for PK!!

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