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Aamir Khan’s PK – A Rerun Scissor To The Scenes of His Co-Stars

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Before we come on to the topic, let me take you to the flash back for a while. Can you tell me do you still remembered those special movies, which were featuring the one man movie of Bollywood none other than the legendary actor ‘Aamir Khan’, movies like Taare Zameen Par and Dhoom3. However, if we talk about these movies then, despite by the fact that these movies have actually created a especial place in our heart but hold on guys there’s still something which we all need to know like, in these movies some of the scenes of the co-stars were unlikely scissor by whom? He’s none other than ‘Aamir’. Sounds something strange but that’s a truth. However, those edits doesn’t made any difference to the beauty of the movie.

But, can you guess what’s the connection of these movies currently? No? So, let me clear the confusion. We are quite familiar with the on-going trends of Aamir’s PK now a days isn’t? So, this time with some brand new co-stars in the movie, again Aamir is on the verge of scissoring the small scenes of his co-stars in his looming movie ‘Pk’ – As per the sources. Moreover, if you are thinking that these small edits would affect the quality of the movie then, quickly remove this myth from your mind. As if these edits are nothing but just a final touch to some of the scenes that in the end could at least impress the audience with some loving blushes.

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