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After Aamir, Akshay condemns Bengaluru Mass Molestation

4 days after the mass molestation of women at Bengaluru ‘s MG Road became a national news, Bollywood celebrities have come out raising their voice against the case. First it was Aamir who condemned the act as very shameful, now Akshay Kumar has released a video in which he says that he feels we are evolving backwards.

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Akshay Kumar on Wednesday shared a video in which he tells his reaction in Hindi. He says that he felt ashamed after watching the video which showed the horrific incident. Akshay had returned after a peaceful holiday in Cape Town when he was informed about the incident. Akshay, who usually keeps himself aloof from passing any comments about social issues, felt it compelling to come out in open and speak about it rather than just posting.

The media is abuzz with the news of mass molestation that took place in the wee hours of December 31 2016 on Bengaluru’s MG road where thousands of young men and women had gathered to welcome the New Year. Goons molested the girls by pulling their hair and clothes as police officials took charge soon after that. However the footage of the incident has provoked protests and allegations from all quarters. Four days after the incident, there are reports of the police having acquired evidences regarding offenders.

Two days ago, Aamir had tweeted condemning this saying that it makes him bow his head in shame and there should be strict action taken against it. Apart from this Swara Bhaskar, Kriti Sanon and Varun Dhawan also expressed their condemnation on twitter.

In the video by Akshya Kumar, one can note the very important point his saying that women can protect themselves by taking training in Martial Arts for self defense. We hope such protests help to curb similar crimes in future.

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