Sunday, January 16, 2022
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A Woman in Amritsar gives birth to a plastic baby

plastic baby in amritsar

Believe it or not, but this new is true. A very strange kind of incident seems to be taking place in Amritsar when a lady at Guru Nanak Dev Medical College and Hospital of the said city has given birth to a plastic baby. The baby is seen with cute little rubber and wax shining skin. Such babies has special terms in science, which are called as collodion babies. Such kinds of babies are the rarest kinds of newborns are reported to born one in six lakhs babies.

With such type of baby getting delivered in Amritsar, a good amount of focus has been given to the baby and the lady delivered the child having face like a fish with sausage skin. As per reports, if anyone is seen touching the baby, she is seen crying. She simply appears like a rubber doll, while her face resemble a lot to a fish, while her eyes and lips are red hot in colour. The baby is not able to suck the milk properly from her mother’s breast.

Such babies are born due to some serious kind of diseases and kind of genetic disorder. The reports also suggest that in such babies are very much prone to get infection over their skins. This is the second case in India to witness a birth of a plastic baby, the previous one was seen taking birth in 2014, who ironically passed away within three days of her birth.

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