A Tryst with Radwan Omar, the man Behind Femanji – The Fastest Growing Media Publishing Company

Its been a few years for Radwan Omar to manage a network of few pages on Facebook and he was able to generate more than 30 million followers for his media publishing company called Femanji. He intends to add 30 million more followers on these pages of his company making them a 50 million follower pages by the end of 2020. Radwan Omar is a young man who is the founder and owner of a media publishing house called Femanji, who is consistent in his efforts to spread and disseminate happiness all around. He always wanted to be a businessman and thus created one that can help him add a positive impact in society.

During his college days, he also embarked with a couple of businesses and Femanji was one of them. In his business, he was more involved in about future trend research identifying activity that would rule the future in the coming future and would stay long. He always believed that implementing an idea is more important than coming out with an idea. So, every morning when he wakes up he knew what he had to do in his life with a grin and happiness on his face. He always knew that social media would be the tool to prosper his business. Thus explored Facebook and other social media platforms to embark upon a business model that worked on these networking sites.

Sharing ideas on how he prospered his business, he says, he understands his target audience the most and has remained consistent with them. First things first, he identified his audience and started profiling them to offer in-depth knowledge to attract a larger fan-following. Furthermore, identifying and defining the real audience would help in creating good content for the right people. He says that content marketers tend to make mistake in promoting their products first that keeps away their target audience. This mistake can keep their target audience away.

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