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A R Rahman says I still focus on 1 thing & that’s qualitative work

A.R. Rahman
A R Rahman shares – “I think I am pretty happy with the amount of movies I am doing now. I work with people with whom I get a good vibe from. That is why I keep working with the same people again and again. I didn’t care to accept many other offers because you need to concentrate on quality.”

Along with a rich discography, the musician also has a number of awards to his name– six National Film Awards, two Academy Awards, two Grammy Awards, a BAFTA Award, a Golden Globe Award. Talking about whether such laurels do spell doom on someone’s career, A R Rahman says, “As long as somebody has a neutral mind and you don’t get carried away by awards… The quest for learning keeps going on. My first film (Roja, 1992) won a National award and, people said you won the National award, do you need to continue? You can stop now.”

A.R. Rahman

A R Rahman further adds-

“Awards are important but it is not the only destination. Music cannot be judged in one hearing and the intention of the music is much more than the creator. It is about how people take it. The joy of composing and performing is only limited by your physical health, nothing else.”

a r rahman

Almost 30 years in the industry now, Rahman is one of the most successful composer in the country today. So what does he attribute this long successful ever growing career to?

He concludes by saying – “Everything, all my success is a blessing for me. I am always a learner. At every stage of your life when you feel you have done enough, every 3-4 years there is a shift that happens. There are new needs which happens, new sound, the society changes and you need to embrace and not complain that ‘oh those days we did this’. One needs to get rid of that. We have to respect everybody’s needs.”

Music maestro A R Rahman ’s contribution to the Hindi cinema music is enormous, yet somehow over the past few years, he seems to have cut back on work in Bollywood films. The Oscar winning composer says he is rather content with the kind of work that he associates himself with now.

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