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A Miraculous Entrepreneur and Visionary, Shahid Sharif / Shahid Zaki 

Shahid Sharif aka Shahid Zaki is a 29-year-old determined and hard-working business entrepreneur belonging from Pakistan. 

He has achieved many accomplishments in the field of the digital world. Given his family establishment, it was the most irksome test that life kept before him. He fought back and won most victoriously! Shahid Sharif or Shahid Zaki began exploring his expert endeavor when he was in 9th grade. His first PC was a Pentium 2 PC station, on which he liked doing programming. Despite the limitless scolds and separation from his family, Shahid put it all on the line and decided to proceed with his adoration for computers! Shahid Zaki was brought into the world in a town in the Kasur region of Pakistan. Later Shahid moved to the city of Lahore, Pakistan, for further exploration of the computer field. He sought after a B.Sc. in Computer Sciences to get familiar with the basics of the field. The city of Lahore allowed Shahid an outlet of opportunities and expert improvement.

Today, Shahid Zaki has excellent capacities in the IT world. He wants to keep on progressing further around here. Shahid Sharif has a multidimensional association of himself, known as Fame Hype LLP. The association has an enormous potential in branding, designing, developing, and social media marketing services for different public and worldwide clients. He handles the Online Media marketing and the board part of the business. Administering and reviving online media profiles (like Facebook, YouTube) for their clients and drawing outmost group through these stages to help their clients is one of his work.

Shahid further wishes to build up a structure to manufacture a climate for supporting and creating IT new organizations. Through this affiliation, Shahid plans to discover other content producers in inaccessible locales. The organization targets thriving unwealthy people with sufficient opportunity and resources for their turn of events. The association searches for eager individuals that are set up to bring a change through PC capacities. They try to help the people who can’t afford the expense of extra tutoring on account of financial and individual issues. Frame Hype organization aims at flourishing people with resources, and changes that would help in overhauling their scope of capacities while simultaneously ensuring suitable enhancement of their interests.

Shahid Sharif had to go up against many discouraging conditions in his course of life. The shortfall of appropriate resources, financial and moral assistance was huge trouble in his calling. Distance to assets and direction was a significant obstacle to deferring his targets. Through his association, he wishes to pass on these progressions to comparative splendid youngsters. Such that they don’t need to face impedances and accordingly, can follow their vocation and make the most of consistently. For more information and to get in touch with Mr. Shahid Zaki, you can visit his Facebook profile.

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