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A Meet with Shera – Salman Khan’s bodyguard

Salman Khan Bodyguard SheraShera is Salman Khan’s bodyguard who happens to be a no-nonsense man and is basic job is to guard Salman Khan. He recently made news for being booked on the case of altercation and assault with one man which he claimed as a verbal argument. So, when his Maalik (he addresses Salman with this name) has given him the reason to be known in the B Town, it would be interesting to know about him.

Shera’s Family background

He comes from a Sikh Family from Andheri in Mumbai and his real name is Gurmeet Singh. He is a Sikh and he is committed to sacrifice his turban to save Salman. However, he had to cut his hair since he says it becomes difficult for him to handle the crowd hence he got rid of his long hair. Before Salman and B Town happened in his life, he focused on bodybuilding which led him to win a contest called Mr. Mumbai and even Mr. Maharashtra.

How Salman Khan roped him ?

It was his impressive body and physique that made Salman to rope him as bodyguard in the early 90s. He first met the actor in the year 1995 at a party thrown by Hollywood star, Keanu Reeves. Though nothing clicked at that moment but one incident in Chandigarh when the crowd went out of control seeing him made his and brother find a strong man for him. This man Shera to come in. Sohail while interviewing Salman asked only one question will he stay with his brother all the time to which he said yes and since then he is with Salman Khan.

Shera Bodyguard
Shera Bodyguard

Salman – Shera Bond

Shera calls Salman as Maalik, while we hear him being called as Bhai or Bhaijaan. He treats Salman his everyone, his master, his god, which he denoted Salman with these terms. Time and again he has proved his loyalty towards the actor by shielding the actor. He even found out ways for Salman by clearing the traffic walking few kms on the road. Since then he has shared a good bond with him. This is reflected very well in Salman Khan’s movie Bodyguard which he did only to pay tribute to Shera. That’s not all, the Security Agency who has recruited Shera for this man, he used their brand to promote and remain thankful to them for giving him Shera.

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