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A Creep Slides Into Suchitra Krishnamoorthy’s Facebook Messages and She Calls Him Out For It Publicly

Suchitra Krishnamoorthy

Successful model, actor, singer of the 90s, Suchitra Krishnamoorthy took to twitter and shared a screenshot of a man named Lacosta Maphisa who sent her a message saying “Krishnamoorti plz can we have sex on the fone, help.” This creepy message is just one of the many that people receive. The new trend for social media creeps is the unsolicited dick pic, which they try to use as collateral to try and get nudes back from a chick online. And we have only one thought on our mind – WTF is going on?

Suchitra Twitter Post

She posted this screenshot and wrote “@MumbaiPolice please take note!” Mumbai Police was quick to respond and they said “Ma’am, we have already forwarded to our Social Media Cell and Cyber Police Station for necessary intervention and action. Moreover, you can also dial 100 or tweet us, alternatively for support.” This response has turned into a proud moment for all of Mumbai city and is giving girls the assurance of safety no matter who tries to disrupt their boundaries or personal space.

This very public conversation didn’t end here. Suchitra responded, “Thank you for the prompt response. I wanted to bring to ur notice that’s all and I am not under any threat. If they can message me like this imagine the plight of young vulnerable girls on social media.” Being the mother of an 18-year-old daughter, her words represent the care and concern and as a matter of fact, the grave fear that each time their child steps out of their house, they could be in trouble.

Kudos to you Suchitra! More power to you for your bravery and proactiveness. Our only hope is that women of the next generation learn from such historic moments of women standing strong against the words and actions of worthless, chauvinistic men.

Simran Malhotra

If you ask her parents, they would say that she learned to hold the Nintendo joystick before she even learned how to walk. Being significantly younger than her two brothers, she was exposed to gaming at an early stage and has fallen deeply in love with it, even choosing to have a profession in the same field. With a diploma in game design from Rubika, she now works as a game designer and developer, and can now play video games at any time of the day she wants, and if they try to ask her, "Just doing some research, I swear" will always be her reply.
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