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A Beginning or There’s Still Something Hidden? Pakistani Novel Seized By Bollywood Makers

karachi you are killing me

India v/s Pakistan a match where in all the Indians are keen as well as eager to watch it with their heart bits raised isn’t? So, how about a battle in Bollywood for novels? Sounds something really interesting right? Of course it does! Let’s check this out, here the title rolls with the stuff.. A Pakistani Novel well named as “Karachi, You’re Killing Me!” has been acquired by the big screen adaption by an Indian production company. Indeed, what you read is truth!

Moving on with the sources then it is said that, the novel is written by a well-known writer cum a shining celeb in Pakistan, a journalist ‘Saba Imtiaz’. A journalist who’s often felicitated with many awards but this time her destiny grabbed her with stunning arms of Bollywood productions. However, if we talk about the novel then as per the sources – “The novel is not only a comedy of manners but also it explores the chronicles life of Ayesha Khan, a progressive journalist in her late twenties, who drinks and smokes, putting her modern attitude in contrast to the city’s orthodox elements” – As per the sources.

Hold on guys n gals we are yet to complete with the stuff as if there’s still something really interesting. But before that can you tell me, do you know ‘Abundantia Entertainment’? No? So, have a look in this. Abundantia Entertainment – is an independent motion pictures company who has decided to remake a sizzling movie with the story of novel. Don’t believe this right? So, check this out.. As per the sources the founder & CEO of Abundantia Entertainment none other than ‘Vikram Malhotra’ added that “I read the book, the very day, after I came across a review that described it as a cross between Bridget Jones’ Diary and Diary Of A Social Butterfly. The quick review compelled me to know more and I ended up reading the book” – As per the sources.

He also added that – “I have full faith that ‘Karachi…’ will translate into a film that will resonate with today’s audience, especially women as they will see lots of slices in their lives in it” – As per the sources. Isn’t something really interesting and something really unique for all of us? Yes, it is. So, get ready for action, drama, comedy and lots more with Abundantia Entertainment’s first Pakistani novel’s movie which will touch the sliver screens soon.

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