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Actress Neha Sharma reveals if you can find love on dating apps!

Actress Neha Sharma is all set for her upcoming film Aafat-e-Ishq. Talking about the film she says, “It’s a fabulous film and a great script I feel such kind of films are not so common these days. Good scripts are very rare, so you got to do it when you get them. When this film came to me, I was like I have to do it.”

Talking about the comedy-drama she said, “You can say that. There is an element of supernatural which gives you that horror element. There is an element of comedy which makes it super funny so I would like to call it a horror comedy or a dark comedy there’s a lot of drama as well try to mix up everything.”

In the film, Neha’s character uses dating apps to find a suitable man. Talking about if she uses the apps in real life, she said, “I have downloaded dating sites to know how they work. It was such a huge thing and everyone was on them. So I have tried them. As an actor you can’t be on them.”

She further concluded, “The beauty of dating is getting to know someone. For actors, people already have this preconceived notion about what they think you are whether that’s you or not. So the concept doesn’t work for actors as such. But it’s great to find love and I feel everyone who is using it are really lucky. It’s amazing to find love in the first place and get a fair shot at it,” she said. So did Neha go on any dates? “You know I didn’t really go that far. I just downloaded it and I saw how it works. That’s about it.”


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