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Bhumi Pednekar does a temple pilgrimage around her ancestral home in Goa

Actor Bhumi Pednekar who is currently at Pedne,her ancestral place in Goa took the opportunity to do a temple pilgrimage in her village, ahead of the Dussehra festival.

“Mauli is our Kul Devi in my village in Pedne, where all Pednekars’ come from. Her old stone carved statue, which is next to a stream of crystal clear freshwater, is said to have medicinal property. It is at least 400 years old and in the same complex is a newer temple made,” she said.

Explaining further about the temple, the ‘Bala’ actress said the pilgrimage consists of three temples each one with a specific significance. “So, the pilgrimage in my village consists of 3 temples. Ravlnath is the 2nd one and shares a compound with my ancestral home in Pedne. Ravlnath temple is at least 300 years old and has our families earliest records. The temple has records since 1,902,” she said.

“It’s said lord Ravlnath protects the Pednekar clan. Every Dussehra we have a festival where people from across India come to visit this sacred temple. Bhagwati Devi completes the pilgrimage of the three temples,” she added.

Pednekar completed the pilgrimage as she visited the three temples — Mauli, Ravlnath, and Bhagwati Devi temples.

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