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7 years of Jail for Mahmood Farooqui on Rape Charges

The Peepli Live fame director – Mahmood Farooqui is now in bad books. He was accused of raping an American woman and the lower court in New Delhi has sentenced him to seven years of jail. As per the verdict of Additional Sessions Judge Mr. Sanjiv Jain, he was also imposed a modest fine of 50,000 and was convicted for raping the said woman from Columbia University who had come for her research work for her Phd studies.

The woman was seen moving to the national capital in June 2014 and then came in touch with Farooqui during her visit to Gorakhpur via one of her common friend. The incident of rape took place on 28th March 2015 at his residence when the filmmaker had invited her for the dinner at his place. As per the chargesheet of the Delhi Police, the woman reached at 9 pm at his place when he was seen in an intoxicated state and then he asked him to follow to another room, which was his office.

After 20 minutes, she left the said office room for smoking in the porch area and soon joined him. Suddenly he kissed the lady and forced to do the rape claimed the prosecution that later scared the woman to a great extent. During the said trail, the lady from the US was seen standing for her statement and alleged the man for the rape, which he kept on denying and said that it was falsely implicated.

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