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7 Hours To Go Movie Review

7 hours to go movie review

Where style overpowers real substance of the movie

Too many films releasing this Friday, which certainly does include the one called 7 Hours To Go. It is suspense action thriller movie, which is directed and written by Saurabh Varma and is produced by Nikita Thakur under the banner called Kraian Media. After a couple of delays in the film, the finally got released this Friday starring Shiv Pandit, Sandeepa Dhar, Natasa Stankovic and Varun Badola in the lead roles. The film deals with a psychic person who has seven hostages and it is being dealt by private investigator that has seven hours. The film is roughly of two hours with a runtime of 115 minutes, well, time to check the review of the movie as sunder:


The thriller genre in B Town still remains undercooked to its complete potential unlike the way these are found in Hollywood. And films like 7 Hours To Go is certainly not an exception. Its director who made Mickey Virus impressing everyone raised expectations of the audience; however, with 7 Hours To Go, he seems to have faltered in his efforts. The film is about a cop Shiv played by Arjun Ranavat who takes seven people in the hostage in Bombay High Court. His every action is baffles the police team, which is led by Shukla Ji played by Sandeepa Dhar and ACP Dhadke played by Varun Badola. The cops have only seven hours to meet the demands of this cop. As the time ticks up with every second, the story intensifies unleashing new motives and conspiracies, the twists and turns in the film remains till the last minute of the movie.

There is something really crafty about the way the director deals with his movies. Unlike Mickey Virus, this film is very much modest in terms of budget, however, he sharp enough to confide the budgetary things over the screen.  Hence the film is slick, stylish and fairly edgy in pretext of its treatment. The thrill elements in the movie simply leave an impact on the audience, while he also can be applauded for the well placed songs in the movie. The music seems to be okay, however, what is more appreciating is the way the music is composed for the film that goes without disturbing the narrative.

Talking about the stunts in the film especially the ones by Sandeepa Dhar, it was cool. She seemed to be decent in her performance despite not being fitting for the role. On the other side, Varun Badola has an interesting character with his own punch lines. However, its Shiv Pandit who carries the entire film on his shoulder and doing a great job. There is a good amount of integrity element in the film, which he has tried to portray over the silver screen. So, if you are his fan, you would rather never like to miss him in this role in the movie.

Talking about the downsides, the problem with thriller movies is the progression seen in the script, which is supposed to be very much effective for keeping the audience engaged. Varma is seen losing control in the second half of the movie. This gives the only message the he is unable to fill the gaps right. Hence he adds up the characters and scenes, which add nothing much to the drama and rather is seen failing to hold your interest. For instance, the director has given loads of screen space to the role of Amol Palekar played by Ketan Singh when he could have managed to do this thing without really doing this. Thus when Varma is seen losing his shift balances, the entire film loses its equilibrium. This happens just when you start applauding the detailing done by the director, right from the cars, bullets and the flying machine over the roads of Bombay in a very much filmy fashion. And lastly, it is really goes perplexing as to what makes the colleagues undress casually in front of each other. Well, the only issue of this movie is that style simply overpowers the substance too often in the movie.

7 Hours to Go – Last Word

Thrillers are not that simple to make, however, the attempt to make 7 Hours to Go has tried to touch the parameters yet it fails in some way or the other. Considering a crime thriller, the director was seen faltering in choosing the right star cast along with working on the edges of the film, which are supposed to be sharpen with effective filmmaking skills. All we could realize was the style overshadowing the real substance of the film.

Rating – 2.5


Manoj L


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