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7 Evergreen birthday gifts for Salman Khan

Salman Khan gifts

Salman Khan is blessed with everything, which any celebrity of Bollywood would ever aspire for. He has the cool looks, huge fan following, wealth, fame and everything, which others would always think of having. Salman Khan though has everything yet there are certain gifts, which you being a fan would like to give him, let’s check the best 7 of these as under:

1). A competent social media manager

If you have been an ardent fan of Salman, you would love to follow him on Twitter and at times his messages of this micro-blogging site is difficult to understand. The actor seriously requires someone to check and edit the tweets, which he fires out. Not that we can find Salman’s tweets very much endearing but there are couple of tweets, which becomes difficult to understand. Hence gifting him a competent social media manager can help him a lot.

2). The Romania Tour Package

This is indeed required for a person like him who leads a very much and hectic life so that he can spend some quality time with his known girlfriend called Lulia Vantur. Romania is one of the best places to have good time with his girlfriend.

3). A good box set of Vin Diesel Films

Well, this is a gift, which can be called as apt since there are many Vin Diesel movies, which everyone would like to see Salman remaking. Just imagine him working in films like The Pacifier, Fast and Furious or XXX, it would be a treat watching him.

4). A Bag full of body oils

This gift can help in shaping and chiselling torso and his washboard abs, which are delicious and shiny.

5). Lenient punishment

As we know the actor is involved in the hit and run case, we wish and pray that he should be given some lenient punishment. Though it was a callous case of Salman being driving the car in alcoholic influence killing and injuring few people, yet a little bit mercy to a man who emerges as an icon of human values and morality can be justified. Perhaps, this case is something, which he has regrets all the time and there is no substitute to forgiveness and mercy.

6). Best Tips on How to Survive Bachelorhood

Just because he is still leading his life in bachelorhood, the life beyond would be difficult for him to lead. At such junctures, if anyone can gift him certain interesting and creative tips and ideas on how to survive in his Bachelorhood, when he still happens to be the most eligible bachelor in B Town.

7). Have his own Kids

Well this could be difficult for anyone to imagine, however, wish someone gifts him a lady who turns his wife and give him incredible gifts in the form of Kids. This would be indeed one of the best gifts to the Kick actor.

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