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7 Common mistakes you commit while brushing Tooth

We often brush to get rid of the bad breath and cavities, however, not many would know that we often end up committing certain mistakes, which can make things bad for us. In fact, the wrong pattern people adapt to brush can actually promote tooth decay and gum diseases. In fact, there are number of common mistakes, which many commit doing while starting their day by brushing their teeth in the morning and even when they end up their day before going to sleep. As per experts, many people fail to invest the right kind of time to clean or brush the teeth. Hence you would find the dentists recommending to take the required amount of time for the same. No need to rush and make things in haste to commit mistakes as discussed. Let’s check the 7 common mistakes you commit while brushing as under:

Not Watching What You Are Doing

Most of the people who brush in the morning or in the evening do tend to watch them in the mirror while doing the same. It is simple to miss the area right at the gum line, which is one of the vital part. This is where you will tartar, bacteria and plague building up that can bring infection. At the same time, avoid closing your eyes to back molars. If the brush head is seen hitting heard over your check, watch it to make things right.

Wrong Techniques

As per experts many of the people who brush tend to adopt a wrong technique for brushing. In fact, many do not know about the same. When it comes to brushing, make sure you brush side by side, the brittle rods can break down giving cracks and weakening teeth. Hence better hold the brush so the bristles are seen at the 45 degrees angle over the surface of the teeth and brush seen over the small circles. It is simple to brush in the straight lines over the chewing surfaces. Once you complete your circles, do keep in mind to brush away from the line of gum in order to get rid of the loosened bacteria and plague

Choosing the Wrong Brush

Make sure you buy a right brush for your brushing purposes. These should be soft or even ultra soft in order to reduce the damages. As per experts, toothbrushes can even cause abrasion provided you are using it in an incorrect fashion. The electric toothbrushes are the best tools if you are keen to brush longer and find the best place claims the expert. If you find your dentist giving you some special brush after you have procedures like cleaning implants/crowns, make sure you follow the directions instead of trying things on your own.

Brushing Too Much Hard

The chances of breaking or damaging your teeth can go up if you are using hard brush. Using hard bruch can cause notches near to the gum area called abreaction lesions. With consistent pressure, they can easily deepened inside the inner dentin of your tooth and over the cementum layers. This can lead to aggressive brushing, which in turn would be traumatic for sensitive gums giving irritation and recession with the same.

Choosing the Wrong Toothpaste

Unlike using a wrong tooth brush, using a wrong toothpaste can also make things bad to worse. With baking soda toothpastes can prove better option to get rid of the stains, however, they can lead to abrasion. Always consult a dentist before you are using any whitening toothpastes, just to avoid any kind of damages over your teeth.

You Do not Rinse

With effective brushing backed by flossing and rinsing, you can get rid of the bacteria laden plaque over the teeth surface. The key to effective brushing comes with rinsing, which can leave your mouth for good. It can help you in killing the germs and make your mouth with fresh and alive. If you avoid doing to, you are simply inviting problems for your teeth.

Using it and Allowing it to Dry out completely

This may sound heinous; however, you need to make your toothbrush veritable haven for germs for things like staph and strep. You are supposed to replace your toothbrush every fourth month until you find in a mutilated state. Over the time, you can find the bristles damaging, which may not give the right impact you are looking for the cleaning and brushing up your teeth

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