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7 Committed Men in Bollywood

7 Committed Men in Bollywood


The year of 2016 is seen as a breakup year since many couples from the Bollywood chose to split. Whether it is Hrithik Roshan separating from his wife Suzanne or Farhan from Adhuna and Arbaz Khan from his wife Malaika Arora Khan and the list goes on. Well, the gossip mongers had enough time this year to discuss these separations and vented out their frustration. On the other side, you have committed family men who remain rock solid with their marriages and their children as well. They are defined as the Perfect Family man or the committed men in B Town. The following are the 7 stars that are called as the ideal or committed men of Bollywood, how about checking them as under:

1). Shah Rukh Khan

He is a complete family man with a marriage completing his second decade since few years. He has remained a good husband and a father of three and has been known as a perfect father apart from known as King Khan. His love story with his wife is not hidden and one can find his love for his wife and family time and again.

2). Riteish Deshmukh

Recently he turned father the second time and that makes him and Genelia D’souza the most adorable couple in B Town. They often appear cute and happy despite having different cultural and religious background the two remain committed to each other and the love continues as the enter into their seven years of marriage.

3). Shahid Kapoor

One may surprise to see him in this field since its been a year he got married. But he has proved his love for his wife and daughter Misha. In fact, his commitment goes out of the way as he has made a no kissing policy in the B Town and thus we will not find him kissing or doing any intimate scenes before the camera.

4). Akshay Kumar

The B Town actor who is known as the Khiladi and even a bad boy at times in Bollywood movies yet he is known as an ideal husband and father in his personal life. He is known as multi talented he can act, make people laugh and go out of the way to do action scenes. He is the fittest B Town actor and even has edited the book of his wife whish she wrote called Mrs. Funny Book. He is a good teacher also to his son as he has taught the kid the martial art.

5). Ajay Devgn

He could be known as the shy man in B Town but when it comes to family, the Singham actor is beyond the expectations of his family. He is a loving husband and a father. He takes care of the kids when his wife is away to work, he even does a couple of daily chores activities and a number of other things.

6). Imran Khan

He may not be seen around in B Town since Katti Batti but in his personal life he is committed and known father in Bollywood. He has broken all the stereotype and has become a full time father after his wife gave their first baby. He loves to change the nappy of his daughter and do a number of things, which his wife ask him to do.

7). Abhishek Bachchan

He is known the most noble and simple man in the family of Bachchans. When we find Jaya to be arrogant and rude and Big B to be busy and reserved, he remains always loving to all. And when it comes to his wife, he is all the time at his service for being an obedient husband and noble person. He loves his wife and his family. He loves to claim that he likes his family and honored to do something for them.

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