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7 Bollywood Movies That Were Way Ahead Of Their Time


Unlike human being every film in B Town or other place has a life span. They are born and live in the memories of people and they end up dying. But some of the films are born much after they are released. This usually because we not ready for the films when they first hit the theatres and these may even are seen ending up at the box office but soon is seen gaining cult status over the years, which follow. Fortunately for us, the B Town can be called as an over-populated with such movies. How about checking the list of 7 B Town films, which was way ahead of their time as under:

1). No Smoking

This film was a huge box office disaster as it failed to move ahead with difficulty. This film can be called as an invitation to explore the thin line between reality and real life. The idea is to alienate the conscience from the body which the audience of 2007 were not prepared for.

2). SaleemLangdepe Mat Ro

This film released in the late eighties and can be called as the pulp of this era wherein SaeedMirza very smartly was able to portray the dilemma of the lower middle class people. The film showcases the insight of a Muslim family wherein a young boy is seen indulged in unlawful activities in Bombay. The movie has shown the value of human life which soon turned the part and parcel in the eighties.

3). Om Dar-B-Dar

The film was made in 1988 but was released in the year 2014. If you are still to catch the film, make sure you better have a look at it, it may not be simple to understand though but its fine still catching the film as it is concered to be the deciphered piece of art, which many may disagree. The film simply exhorts the audience to move out of the space time continuum.

4). Ek Doctor Ki Maut

It is really vital to know that this film came out before the advent of the phenomenon called globalization when it was the perfect time to gain popularity of international repute. The film talks about a doctor who invents a vaccine for leprosy which brings him out against the fathers of establishments. It has some of the best performances and subtly makes the film to appear as a bluff, however, if the film releases today, it has all the reasons to go smooth over the box office.

5). SurajKaSatvanGhoda

The film is based on meta fiction novel with the same title. This film is regarded as one of the finest films of ShyamBenegal. The story of the film revolves around the man called ManekMulla who is known to have affair with three different women. Well, such stories in the year when it was released was hard to digest but the current times is the best time to release this film.

6). JaaneBhi Do Yaro

The film was released in the year 1983 but has beautifully shown the reality of life. This movie finds it’s the place over this list simply due to the fact that it is far away from the list of cult movies that are released all these years. The satire found in the film is hard to digest by the Indian minds especially of the age of eighties.

7). Monsoon Wedding

The film gives the insight of how any fat Indian wedding suffers from. The film showcases the complications with wedding extravaganza which is unfortunately not remembered in today’s time. However, the time when the film hit the theatres by Mira Nair it was alleged to have a bold subject in it.

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