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6 Highest Paid Actresses in the World

We often see actors being the king when it comes to getting the highest of numerations, however, with the growing competition we now hear even the lady actors too making a decent money. In fact, we can get to see their long list of the actresses who are in constant news for being at the top for making huge money for their each films. Most of the faces belong to Hollywood, while barely a one is seen from Bollywood. So, when you have men like Dwayne Johnson getting 63 million dollars we get to see Jennifer Lawrence to be making $46 Million. So, how about exploring the list of some of the actresses who are among the highly paid actors in the world as under:

1). Jennifer Lawrence – $46 Million

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence needs no introduction as she is among the highest paid actress in US since the year 2015. The lady has come a long way before becoming the stalwart in the town.

2). Melissa McCarthy – $33 Million

Melissa McCarthy

Another name from Hollywood when we hear the lady being tagged with different titles including writer, fashion designer, standup comedian, filmmaker and of course actress. She started with small screen and now is among the top actress to be paid the highest amount in the industry.

3). Scarlett Johanson – $25 Million

Scarlett Johanson

Unlike the previous, she is also known with different tags. She is a singer, model and actress from the US and has come a long way from comedy to serious actor.

4). Jennifer Aniston – $21 Million

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is a popular actress from US who happens to be an actress, entrepreneur and filmmaker. She happens to be the daughter of Greek born actor called John Aniston and her mom is a popular actress called Nany Dow.

5). Fan BingBing – $17 Million

Fan BingBing

Fan BingBing happens to be a Chinese actress apart from being a TV actor and producer apart from pop singer. She came into limelight in the East Asia and now she is known for My Fair Princess.

6). Deepika Padukone – $10 Million

Deepika Padukone

The leggy lass needs no introduction as she happens to be the highest paid actress in India. With one Hollywood venture in her career, she is likely to increase her remuneration.

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