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5 Witty TV Commercials in small screen which is beyond simply the Brand Promotions

5 Witty TV Commercials in small screen

The ad-man in India has been recognized far and wide. Thanks to their creativity that they put upon while adding in different commercials that at times even make the ad promising and beyond the brand promotion. They use their wit with humour and strong message that add the punch in the content giving the target audience recognize the brands instantly. Here is a list of ads you would certainly like as they have created a good impact in the media along with making you laugh and add smile. Have a look at the 5 Witty TV Commercials in small screen which is beyond simply the Brand Promotions as under:

Every gym’s story. 

Have you ever visited the unisex gym, well if yes then the ad you watch with the Gym’s story almost every day when men are seen impressing the women around?

Deepika in an Ad as a Traffic Police role

When celebrities from Bollywood come out with some ad and if turns out to be witty then you can certainly not be going to forget that. This one having Deepika Padukone is already nailing in the traffic police’s character.

Imperial Blue’s ad

The ad of the Imperial Blue is more than its brand. It is hilarious and showcases the basic instinct of men. At the end it simply says Men will be men rather than showcasing the brand first but with a small logo with it says all about it.

Alia with her claps

This can be called as the best way for any Bollywood celebrity to tell her to his or fan about their qualities. Alia has done wonderfully for this brand making it a witty commercial ad to catch.

SRK has come a long way

Ever since you have been catching this ad, the King of Romance has come a long way though you can laugh and giggle with an ear to ear grin but at the same time do keep in mind SRK has come a long way when we have seen him in this ad.

So, which one is your favourite do comment and vote your best!

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