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5 Videos that went Viral on Internet in 2017

Most of the users of the internet treat the world wide web as a magical place. Many even call it as Aladin Lamp, which can give you loads of things to enjoy and earn. But as people started using it it proved nothing but a mirage for many as it takes many things and gives you less. It took your peace of mind giving you back nothing but loads to worry stuff. We have loads of videos to enjoy over the world wide web, but not many of us would know that 5 Videos that went Viral in 2017 can be interesting to catch, how about looking at the list as under:

 1). Ye Bik gayi hai Government


We had a video in 2017 when we saw a lady saying that this government has sold itself to the the rich and influential groups.

2). Rate Diya Butake

This is a video song, which once you open it will only get to see the lips moving with the erotic song on it.

3). Ghaplebaz Ko Pakdo

This was nothing but an eye opener, which you would certainly going to enjoy for sure. There is much to disclose, how about catching up the next.

4). Om Prakash Beta Omprakash

This young boy has gained loads of views on this vide and it went out to be deleted over the YouTube to see his fans coming out on the street to protest with several events.

5). Selfie Maine Le Li Aaj

Dinchak Pooja seems to be a famous singer. Thanks to her rap songs that have gained good popularity in the social media. This video with her song Selfie Maine Le Li Aaj has gained wonders gaining 25 million views. Stay tuned to know more about such videos and other things only with this. Do Keep sharing the same with others!

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