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5 Unknown Facts About Dwayne Johnson we bet you never know

Dwayne Johnson and priyanka

Dwayne Johnson needs no introduction after all he has been best performers of his generation, no matter the wrestling ring or the silver screen as he has been a hit with both. He has loads of fans around the world and they are likely to know the interesting fact about this man but, did you know this lesser known fact about this man also called as the Rock helped build the WWE into one of the best colossal organization it is today. Well, how about checking 5 interesting facts about this man called Dwayne Johnson as under:

1). His impact on the WWE is beyond the ring: Not many would know that WWE’s Thursday night special ‘SmackDown!’ was a part of Johnson’s catch phrase ‘layeth the smack down’. The show started in April 1999 and soon became a part of WWE’s brand extension. Later in the year 2007, the famous dictionary group Merriam-Webster added these words ‘smackdown’ to its heralded database of words.

2). Johnson was an integral part of a gang: Though he had grown up in Hawaii, Johnson he remained the part and parcel of a gang. He was even arrested some around 8 or 9 times even before he turned 17. Thankfully during those very days he turned to muscle building and he is now seen giving credits to his training that helped him deal with all the stress.

3). A New York Times Best Seller: His autobiography co-written by Dwayne Johnson and Joe Layden published in 2000 remains the New York Times Best Seller list

4). Donated loads of money to his university: Not many would know that this man & his wife had donated 1 million dollars to the University of Miami in 2007 to renovate its football facility.

5). His name was entered Twice in the Guinness World Record: He got paid $5.5 million for his first feature film, which took him to the Guinness World Records and second time he got his name there for most selfies within 3 minutes.

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