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5 things you can expect from the Happy New Year Trailer

5 things you can expect from the Happy New Year Trailer

The trailer of Happy New Year is all set to embark any moment over the social media and this time it would be exclusively released over the popular mobile application – WhatsApp. Farah Khan and SRK has kept things really different this time while promoting their movie. With the tormenting motion poster of the movie, Farah and her team has really created the buzz for the release of HNY trailer before the fans and audience. The SRK, Deepika, Boman Irani, Abhishek Bachchan, Vivaan Shah based movie its official trailer. These stars are known to steal millions of hearts in no time, which you can even expect their single trailer doing the job. Hence when we are about to hit with the trailer, let’s check what can you expect or rather get with this official release of HNY as under:

1). Incredible SRK-Deepika Chemistry

Both Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone has worked together giving one of the blasting movies of 2013, which came in the form of Chennai Express. Their onscreen chemistry was highly appreciated and garnered good response from the audience and fans of the duo. With HNY trailer release, you can expect to catch the glimpse of similar kind of chemistry, which people loved last year in Chennai Express.

2). Deepika seen the most sensual one

Deepika Padukone is known to embark with her hot and sensual avatar, be it on screen or off screen. Continuing on her same trend, she would be seen in a very different and sensual avatar. Well, you can very well make out from her individual poster released earlier for the movie. Perhaps she seems to have overshadowed Kartina’s look for her upcoming Bang Bang Movie.

3). The Boman and Abhishek combo

Remember Boman Irani and Abhishek Bachchan working together ? Yes, Bluffmaster was the movie, which they worked together. Their performance really barged the Box Office and combo proved out incredible to the fans and audience. So, with HNY, they are likely to embark with the same vigour and spirit.

4). Check out the kick ass cons

Well, the audience and fans are very much thrilled to get the sneak peak over the way the Indiwaale is going to break the locks of the heart (Dil Ke Taale). It would be therefore interesting to watch a couple of kick ass cons out there in the movie, which can be caught even over the trailer. You can find both the action and disguises inside the trailer.

5). The Combo Sonu Sood and Vivaan Shah

Remember the baby face and incredible performance of Saat Khoon Maaf from Vivaan Shah, well similar electrifying performance can be expected from him in HNY. Similar is the case of Sonu Sood who is seen embarking in the movie with some of the best appeal. Well, it would be interesting to see how the hunk really appears in the movie, just wait to catch the trailer.

Wrapping up

As the teaser drops down the mobile app- WhatsApp, along with the other social media sites, it would be interesting to check how the cast and other people would appear in the movie. Just hang on for a while to discover the five points above.

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