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5 South Indian Actress who ruined their personal lives for their careers

The South Indian actress too share the same kind of aura as we see the Bollywood stars. They have been knowing to showcase their beauty and spread their aura like any other Bollywood star. And this buzz is not just limited to India but has gone beyond the boundaries as well. As we all know any career would demand sacrifice and so is the film industry. A number of South Indian stars were seen going to the extent of ruining their personal lives, how about checking the five of them as under:
1). Anushka Shetty 

Anushka Shetty Photo

She is a big name in the South Indian industry and has been known for her several roles including the latest in the film Baahubali. The film did well and she has been remembered for her role. She is 36 at the moment and is yet to get settle down as she is more focussed on her career rather than personal life. Let’s see how long she goes the single way.
2). Kajal Aggarwal


Kajal Aggarwal Cool Images
Kajal Aggarwal Cool Images
She is also known for her film in Bollywood called Singham opposite Ajay Devgn and is a known face in South as well. She has given a number of movies in South and is currently 32 and has still no plans to settle down or marry anyone. She is keen on going single for a long way and then think about it.
3). Trisha Krishnan

Trisha KrishnanShe is a known face in South Indian films and has given a number of movies. She is applauded for her stunning look and her performances in different movies. She is doing big at the moment with the age of 34 but has no plans to marry as she is still focussing on her career.

4). Tamanna Bhatia


She is known both for doing the South Indian films and B Town movies as well and is a known face in both the industry. She is applauded for her looks and acting and her age for getting married has come close but she is not keen on marrying of settling down for obvious reasons.
5). Nayantara


She is a big name in South Indian films known for her stunning beauty and her cool films. However, she is still single when divas of her age have settled down in their lives. Despite crossing 33 she is not in a hurry to settle down thus keeping her personal life at stake for her film career.
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