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5 roles Of Rani Mukerji wherein she have done justice

rani-mukerji talk to media about Mardani

Rani Mukerji is one of the best actresses we have in Bollywood. She is a role model to many! There were many who thought her voice was too husky, or that she was too short to be a Bollywood heroine. But over the time, she proved these very aspects to be her USP. Over the years she gave many path breaking performances! On her 39th birthday we decided to share 5 of our favourites with you.

1). Black: Though many actors had played deaf and blind characters in the past, but no one played it with conviction like that of Rani in Black. the gestures, the expressions, the movements – she got everything on point.

2). No One Killed Jessica: This might seem like a simple role, but the tricky part was to play it with conviction. Sometimes giving a performance that leaves a mark while essaying a simple role is a challenge. Rani played a badass journalist – fictionalized version of many real journalists who helped bring justice to Jessica Lal.

3). Bunty aur Babli: Rani played the role of this con woman with a heart of gold with perfection. She was bubbly and she was dangerous – both at the same time.

4). Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna: It really takes A-grade acting skills to make audience feel empathy for an obviously hateable character. Rani played the role of a woman who cheats on her husband.

5). Yuvaa: This movie is the crystal clear example that length of the role doesn’t matter. What matters is his depth of a role. Rani plays the wife of a local goon in this movie with three stories that are inter-connected.

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