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5 Reel and Flawed Woman Characters In Bollywood that motivated ladies

Come the 8th March, which is celebrated as Women’s Day at the global level, we see many women oriented movies that are being remembered and cherished in B Town. Now, we get to see some women with larger than image over the screen or the ones with  several stereotyped characters. But in B Town the scenario is changing  we now can see some cool and better characters, which are being written for women. They are not very much perfect but they are not any sati savitri either. In other words, we can see their well-flawed, imperfect and real yet lovable and motivating ones. How about catching up such 5 reel and flawed characters of women as under:


The character of a caring daughter of a crazy father is incredible to catch on the silver screen. The man who is always fed up with his motions and eventually bugs her daughter is interesting to catch with Big B in it.piku_1st weekend box office

Rani in Queen

The lady who goes on a Honeymoon trip without getting married enjoys the fun ride in countries like France, Germany and Netherlands is certainly incredible to catch on the silver screen. Her confidence is utterly applauding.Queen movie trailer - Kangna Ranawat

Kaira in Dear Zindagi

She is talented but still childish in many things. She is lovely but has many issues when it comes to choosing a boyfriend for her till she is being treated by the expert played by Shah Rukh Khan is simply wonderful to catch.dear zindagi hits the floor

Naina in Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani

She is cool and studious but when given the chance to have fun and masti, she remains at the front. That’s Naina which you find in the Karan Johar movie released in 2013. She really inspires manin B Town.

Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani
Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani

Minal Arora in Pink

She is a liberal girl lives in PG turns the victim of being in the company of some influential sons of politicians and his friends who want to take advantage of her and her friends. But as she revolts and smashes a bottle on the head of the young and arrogant man and stands to fight her character is maligned but she never gives up.kaari kaari song frm pink

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