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5 Reasons to Watch Satyamev Jayate This I Day

The B Town film starring John Abraham and Manoj Bajpayee is all set to release, and the day the trailer of the film was released in the media, it has enjoyed a good buzz in the media. Thanks to the fierce action drama showcased by John Abraham, the number of views for the trailer seems to have increased with the passing time. The film gives enough reason to catch in the screen this I Day, not just the fierce action but the cool story and many other things that give enough reason to watch this film.

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1). Good dialogues

This B Town film has loads of good dialogues which will make this film a big hit. The released trailer had enough dialogues to showcase which primarily has shown a number of dialogues. This ensures that this John Abraham film will have cool dialogues that will be an instant hit.

2). Fierce Action

The other reason to catch this film this I Day is the fierce action. In fact, John and Action has been synonymous to each other. The film has witnessed some of the best action scenes, which would be an instant hit for the audience.

3). Interesting story

The film has one of the best story that revolves around the fight against corruption of how a single man takes law in his hand to eliminate the corrupt people and politicians. This way one can find one of the best story to catch with this film giving another reason to watch this film.

4). The incredible John & Aisha Sharma Chemistry

Aisha Sharma is doing her debut in B Town with this film and her chemistry with John Abraham has been discussed a lot in the media. In fact, the trailer and song shown in the film have given a fair idea about how the chemistry between the two seemed interesting.

5). Offers high spirit of Patriotism

The film will boost up the spirits of Patriotism to a great extent and it would help in igniting the light for country’s love. This makes the film an instant hit and would be remembered a lot thus making it a big hit for John.

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