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5 Outstanding Indian Short films that won the hearts of millions

Indian Short FIlms

With the growing impact of the internet, the short films are simply increasing the attraction of many viewers as they have become the common methods of effective storytelling. All such movies are made with the idea to offer an engaging story and it is very much possible to do so in a very less than half of the budget of any normal movie. The short movies can be also the working labs for budding filmmakers and people having interest in this field to come ahead to make things better for them. Well, how about catching up the 5 Outstanding Indian Short FIlms that won the hearts of millions in the following paragraphs:

1) Bypass


The film is directed by Amit Kumar and based in the region of Rajasthan, which has Irrfan Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui in the pivotal roles. This short film employs no subtitles or dialogue, rather it is purely based on the performances coming from the acclaimed actors and it has a very rich in cinematography. This was made in 2003 when actors like Irrfan and Nawazuddin were struggling to make big names  in the industry.

2) Chutney:


The film was produced by the popular Bollywood actor Tisca Chopra wherein he acted as well in the movie. In this short film, the played the character of middle class society people playing an ordinary lady showcasing the different characters found in the society.

3) Raasta


This film deals with a story of two boys, who are beggars on the streets of Mumbai. It is directed by Digvijay Chauhan and the movie narrates the incident of a day in the life of these boys who are seen at a traffic signal, where they both struggle for their survival. The film is shot in Canon 550 D, while it was screened at MAMI 2011.

4) Black Mirror

Black Mirror

It is an Adi Burman short film, which narrates the story of an orphaned boy called Ranu, who is seen losing  his parents in a bomb blast. It is driven by hunger and they roams around in the streets of Mumbai, which further deals with darker side of the metro life via their  perspective.

5) Little Terrorist

Little Terrorist

This film was nominated for Academy Award in 2005, it was written and directed by Ashwin Kumar, while the story is all about an innocent Pakistani boy who is seen crossing the border and reaches the Indian soil get his cricket ball. The rest is history and worthy to catch.

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