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5 Most Expensive Divorces seen in Bollywood couples

We have heard about the fat and grand weddings in Bollywood, wherein crores of money is burnt for the one day event taking up destination weddings at lucrative and expensive places like Italy and other nations. But do you know the end of the couple relationship in the form of divorce too has ended with a huge cost. One may wonder as to how on earth would any divorce would cost to anybody particularly the B Town couples, well it could when a huge money is involved in alimony. These are settlement money, which are to be settled once the couple depart legally. Let’s check the 5 Most Expensive Divorces seen in Bollywood couples as under:

1). Karishma Kapoor & Sanjay Kapoor

Babloo Bachelor Poster 1

The nineties fame actress Karishma had lived her married life for 11 years with a Delhi based businessman Sanjay Kapoor. Finally, when she decided to separate and got the divorce, the man had to pay 11 crores as a settlement amount, while Sanjay has to give her 10 lakhs monthly as maintenance to her for taking care of her kids.

Karishma Kapoor & Sanjay Kapoor Alimony

2). Farhan Akhtar & Adhuna

When the news about Farhan and his wife Adhuna appeared in the news, it was shocking for everyone as no one has heard about the two indulging into any kind of affair. When she got separated with a divorce she demanded their huge house as her final settlement while for her daughter’s marriage, she demanded a huge money on a monthly basis.

Farhan Gave Alimony To Her Wife

3). Hrithik Roshan & Suzanne Khan

They dated young and married for 14 long years to finally separate. There were many rumors as to why the two separated some day she had the drug addiction while others claimed that she had an affair with his friend and B Town actor. When she got separated she demanded for a settlement money of around 400 Crore, while Hrithik paid her 380 crores as alimony money.

Hrithik Gave Alimony To Her Wife.jpg

4). Saif Ali Khan & Amrita Singh

The got married when Saif returned to India against the wishes of her parents. But when he lived with her for 13 long years, the marriage came to an end. The lady demanded 5 crores as alimony money and takes 1 lakh per month from Saif for the maintenance of her kids.

Saif Gave Alimony To Her Wife Amrita

5). Sanjay Dutt & Rhea Pillay

Sanjay has been linked with many ladies, he had an affair with several B Town actresses and also got divorced a few. When he got divorced to the lady Rhea Pillay, he had to pay a whopping 8 crore amount and luxury car as alimony to her.

Sunjay Dutt Gave Alimony To Her Wife Rhea


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