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5 Interesting facts about Shah Rukh Khan And Gauri Khan’s Love Story

SRK and Gauri Khan

The love story of Shah Rukh Khan and his wife Gauri Khan has been among the top love tales in the B Town. Their story is very much unusual and strange in Tinsel Town. Both belong to different religions and cultures coming together in a Muslim and Hindu marriage. Both belonged to different financial statuses, with Gauri coming from a rich and affluent family, while SRK happened to be from a nominal one. However, apart from these visible differences, you can find the two different in terms of cheese and chalk. So, as you know the two opposite poles attract each other, so was the case with the two coming and having the most stable and incredible married life in Bollywood, which is a miracle when the same industry has seen so many failed marriages as well. As you saw the Badshah celebrating his 49th Birthday, let us check the top 5 interesting facts about SRK and Gauri Khan love story as under:

1). SRK Struggle for the proposal  

Shah Rukh Khan is basically a shy and introvert person, this is the basic reason why he had to mull at the marriage proposal to her childhood sweetheart Gauri for so many days. He failed to gather the courage to propose the lady, however, one fine day, he mustered all his strengths and proposed her for the same. On the D Day, he took the lady for the date in his Fiat and later while dropping her, he posed the proposal in a form of a question fleeing away very much soon. In fact, he did not even waited to see the answer just to avoid the anything worse, however, Gauri answered in positive.

2). The SRK-Gauri Marriage

The moment Shah Rukh Khan tied knot with Gauri, the two shifted to a small apartment based in Bombay. However, she just did not like this place as had come from a very affluent family. Also, about SRK’s career choice, she wasn’t that happy as felt that he would soon give up with several flops in his acting career. She soon wanted to head back to Delhi, but Thank God, she was proved wrong as SRK soon turned a big actor of B Town.

3). Gauri the biggest critic of SRK

The biggest ever critic in her own husband- Shah Rukh Khan’s life is none other than her own wife Gauri Khan. According to her, she feels that SRK is never being informed about the wrongs he does in his performances, hence he has the least idea about the bads in his life or performance. So, she feels that it’s her duty to tell her the negatives about Shah Rukh Khan to him. According to her, she is among the audience and hence keeps on informing him. The lady calls Shakti the movie of SRK as one of the worst films in his acting career.

4). Gauri to move on if SRK falls in love with any other woman

We all know and call King Khan to be a one-woman man. Time and again, though he was alleged with the top women of B Town, however, every time these proved wrong. According to Gauri, she would move on in case if her husband is seen falling in love with someone.

5). Gauri a good mother

Though Shah Rukh Khan often called Gauri to be a bad mother as he never found his wife turning out to be a children friendly mother. However, she soon proved SRK wrong and now is among the best mothers in B Town, which even her kids vouch for the fact.

Wrapping Up

The relationship both SRK and his wife share with other has been often incredible. We hardly hear any issues of spat or difference between the two, as this couple happens to be among the top in B Town. Amidst the division of Aamir Khan and his first wife Reena, Hrithik and Suzzaine marriage failure, finding a couple with good amount of stability and strength in B Town is only seen in the couple of SRK and Gauri. Long Live you o the most incredible B Town couple!

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