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5 Incomplete Movies of the Megastar Amitabh Bachchan

Since past five decades, this man has remained steady like a rock in the B Town giving n number of movies every year. Even when he is 75, he made sure to work and is engaged in several projects right from the Thugs of Hindostan to KBC and many more similar things. However, in his life, he had worked in some of the movies, which unfortunately had to be shelved or remained incomplete. Let’s check the list of 5 Incomplete Movies of the Megastar Amitabh Bachchan as under:

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1). Mirza Ghalib (1967)  

A Biographical-Periodic Drama genre more was shelved as there seemed to be a mismatch between his height, voice and other features to the character. He was to be paired with Yogita Bali.

2). Ek Tha Chandar Ek Thi Sudha (Apne-Paraye) (1972)  

It was a romantic movie which was paired opposite Rekha. The pair earlier film was disaster over box office hence it had to be shelved.

3). Gotrantar (1972)

it was a Realistic, Romantic and Social Drama film, which was based on popular short story of Subodh Ghosh. The reason of leaving this film was again the poor performances of Big B films earlier. It was paired against her own wife.

4). Naya Bharat (1976)

It was an Action Packed Patriotic film, which was paired opposite Zeenat Aman. And the reason of this film getting shelved was due to the date issues.

5). Devdas (1976)

It was a periodic drama film opposite Sharmila Tagore and Hema Malini. The makers have to shelve this film as Mehra was not happy with the idea of making it modern. Hence he shelved this film to start another called ‘Muqaddar Ka Sikandar’, under his own production house.

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