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5 Highlights from Netflix’s documentary ‘Harry & Meghan’ that are unmissable

Harry & Meghan is out on Netflix, with the first two episodes of this Netflix documentary streaming on this digital platform. The much-anticipated six-part series explores the span of their relationship. It has also been promoted as the first platform for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to tell their side of the story following their announcement that they will step down as senior members of the British Royal Family in 2020.

The first three episodes of Harry & Meghan center around the duo’s early life, love affair, and shocking decision. Here are the five best parts of the episode so far.

5 Highlights from the Harry & Meghan Series

Meghan Markle and her father’s deceit

The relationship between Meghan and her father in Harry & Meghan is revealed and it’s pretty ugly & deceitful in the series. We saw Harry blame himself for the fallout between her and her dad, Thomas Markle. However, their feud erupted after it was revealed that Thomas took $100,000 from a UK tabloid to forge the couple’s wedding photos and fabricate stories to escort his daughter.

Meghan’s meeting with Prince William and Kate Middleton is a formality

She said, “When Prince William and Kate visited, we met for the first time, and they were there for the dinner. I wore ripped jeans and was barefoot. I was a hugger and have always been like that. Irealizedealised that it was disturbing for many UK citizens. I believe I grasped the formality carried inside. To calm down, you move forward and close the door. But the formality is carried on both sides, which was startling for me.”

Meghan worries about her outfit overpowering other family members

Meghan stated, “During my time in the UK, I hardly dressed up in colour.”In my opinion, you can’t wear the same colour as the queen at any group function. You should also avoid wearing the colours that your elderly relatives wore. “Which colour will they never wear?” I wondered. white, beige, or camel?” I tried a muted tone but couldn’t fit into it. “I wanted my family to avoid any kind of embarrassment.”

The first impression of Meghan in front of Harry’s family

When his family met her, they were highly impressed by her. They were surprised Harry could find such a beautiful and intelligent woman. According to Harry, the fact that he was dating an American actress initially created their opinion. And it was: “Oh, she is an American actress. It’s not going to last for long.”

Harry on his family’s reply when he revealed Meghan was being abused

A few of the family members said, “Your wife has to face that. So why does your girlfriend require different treatment? Why the special treatment for her? Why she should be protected?” Harry then responded by citing the race factor.

The second set of the next three episodes of Harry & Meghan will arrive next week, on December 15.

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