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5 Great Hollywood Films That Destroyed by Critics

We know how a word of a critic is important in defining the fate of any movie. In fact, this is the first thing people consider before catching up the film. Hence the ratings of the films given by critics have its own importance. Most of the times the critics can be right but at times they can be grossly wrong giving away bad reviews of an otherwise good films. Well, how about catching up the top 5 great movies, which critics trashed in the following paragraphs:

1). Fight Club :

Fight Club

The film Fight Club though is among the top films in Hollywood but not many critics were seen getting impressed by the film. In fact, it was a film, which was well and truly ahead of its time. It is based on the controversial novel, which was translated over the on-screen by David Fincher and happens to be one of the most explosive young directors working in Hollywood at that time.

2). Bonnie and Clyde :

Bonnie and Clyde

This film is among the controversial films in Hollywood, however, a number of critics have castigated the film for glorifying some of the highly despicable characters who were seen plain murderers.

3). Office Space

Office Space

This film is considered to be a little gem in the Hollywood for its funny tone and giving incredible performances by the lead stars. However, the film only managed to give you a poor ratings by most of the critics, which seemed ironical to the audience who in turn boosted the word of mouth buzz for the film.

 4). Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

It is regarded as the most eccentric and cynical black comedy road flick from Terry Gilliam, however, the critics made sure to give the worst of the rating for the film. Though we saw some of them literally giving higher rating and fighting for the movie.

5). Harold and Maude

Harold and Maude

This film is regarded as a too dark and unconventional film if you check the ratings for critics and audiences of its time. However, it is known to have one of the best film by many.

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