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5 Food Safety Tips to Keep in Mind This Thanksgiving Season

Let’s confess, many people are not often the total safety geek though you may find them talking about cooking at right temperature and avoid issued like cross contamination. By putting this passion into action for every Thanksgiving, many of your friends would enjoy cool food and drinks without losing the memories. So, if you want to get rid of a couple of tummy troubles, try out certain simple food safety tips, and five of them are discussed below:

1). Choosing Food Carefully

There is nothing worse than opening any spoiled package while preparing the food. For thanksgiving dinner that could witness you running back to the grocery store, have enough time to shop and find good quantity of food products wisely. While choosing the food make sure you check the color, texture, firmness and packaging of veggies and fruits or the meats you get from the market.

2). Store Your Food Immediately

Once you get the food products for your Thanksgiving party at home make sure you store them properly. Make sure you avoid the temptation and then find the food home in a right way. Taking some time can add up the chances of having lethal microorganism. Find everything home in an hour’s time and store them without wasting time in your refrigerator/pantry.

3). Defrost the Meat properly

The big mama of a ham or turkey often is available at frozen state and has to be defrosted before you start cooking the same. Do not defrost it over the countertop overnight. You would have the meat juices getting contaminating your countertop that can drip over the kitchen drawers and then would turn into a big mess of bacteria. Rather make space in your fridge for a couple of days before you think of cooking it. The rule is to store the same for a day along with placing it over a sheet pan in order to get the drip.

4). Avoid Overstuffing the Turkey

To stuff or not to stuff the turkey is an often dilemma. You can cook and prepare the stuffing separately that is often the safest route. If you think of stuffing your turkey then fill the same lightly with the help of ¾ cups of stuffing per pound of turkey simply before you roast. Moist and avoid drying along with stuffing can be called as a best option and should be spooned keeping it lose over the cavity and then cook it through.

5). Sever the Food sizzling

Once your food is nice and hot do not just waste time to have the food, this will help adding up the bacteria on a moist and warm food and you will not give them any opportunity to grow the same. Serve the food when it is hot within two hours of cooking.

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