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5 Films Like American Pie That You Should Catch

The teen sex humorous movies is among the popular genre in Hollywood industry. There are several movies of this genre that have ruled in the industry. Though of late, there is a decline in making such movies, one can find a number of films in this category that are watch catching up. How about catching up the list of top five American Pie That You Should Catch, which are enlisted as under:

1). The Late Bloomer: 

The Late Bloomer

You get to catch a character called Peter, who is a 27 year old man. He undergoes a successful removal of a benign tumor who is seen resting with his pituitary gland and is seen starting experiencing a different set of changes and effects due to puberty over a 3 weeks period. You can find it to be a fun movie as long as it lasts.

2). The Girl Next Door:

The Girl Next Door:

This movie though was castigated a lot by critics when it was seem released but has been seen following the cult. The reason it works, which is especially among the guys, which is due to its plot of the film that is getting into the dream of a living man which is seen growing up. Yes, one can call this movie to be a complete escapist pleasure, but this is where you find the fun.

3). nooky Drive:

nooky Drive

Here you get to see Ian, who is a high school senior, who simply wants to lose his virginity. He soon meets a lady on the internet who wants him to take away (drive) to a place called Knoxville wherein she promises him sex. He with his two close buddies plans to meet this lady and as per their plans, they are seen going simply crazy on their way. The movie is very much similar in their ethos unlike the AmericanPie.

4). Accepted:


The main character who faced rejection in all the schools finally plans to apply a high school slacker wherein he chooses to develop his own college of higher learning, which he names as South Harmon Institute of Technology, which happens to be a rundown piece of the property close to his hometown. They even are seen creating in a fake Web site, wherein he hire a friend’s uncle in order to pose as the dean. Try catching up the film to know more about it.

5). Road Trip:

Road Trip

The film deals with four college friends who moves on their 1800 mile road trip in order to retrieve an illicit tape that is mistakenly mailed to his girlfriend. Then follows the hell of a fun-filled ride though it is being criticized a lot to this film but the kind of fun you get is incredible to receive

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