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5 Factual Mistakes In Aamir Khan’s Starrer Film Dangal

Dangal movie mistakes

The Aamir Khan starrer film Dangal has done a remarkable business not just in India but abroad. The film is based on the life of a wrestler called Mahavir Singh Phogat who went against all odds to make not himself to be a champion but also his two daughters. The film though could be a big bluster film but the director Nitesh Tiwari in the name of cinematic liberties has committed certain 5 factual mistakes Dangal. Let’s check them out as under:

1). Geeta Phogat with short hair during the Common Wealth Games 2010

In the film Geeta was seen with short hair in the 2010 CWG but in reality, she was not seen during the match of Common Wealth Game Finals.

2). Was Mahavir Singh Phogat really dismayed after getting all the daughters

In the movies, the wrestler Phogat was seen very much desperate to get the baby boy but every time he was seen getting disappointed all the time. But in reality it was the mother (wife of Phogat) who was dejected the most with the news.

3). Did Geeta failed in all the single tournament before CWG 2010

The movie showed that Geeta failed in all the tournaments before she won the medal in Common Wealth Games. However, in reality she won in 2009as well in the 55 KG freestyle wrestling category.

4).The Scores shows in the film were different

In the movie, Geeta was seen struggling to win the gold in the CWG in 2010 and thus making the match to dramatize to build up the audience wherein she won with the score of 3-0, 4-6 and 6-5 points, however, in reality she simply dominated her opponent from start to end winning the medal with the score of 1-0 and 7-0.

5). Was her coach really that rude and villainous

In the film the coach called Pramod Kadam playing the character of Girish Kularni was seen in a villainous role but in reality it was nothing like that, he was helpful and supporting not just to her but her sisters as well.

Wrapping up

Though all these factual scenes have dejected the coach and other people close to the Phogat girls, but the matter of fact, the film was seen adding some spice simply to make things sensational and melodramatic. After all the directors in B Town are seen taking with some cinematic liberties of course. Hence we heard some buzz that the coach can take some legal actions against the makers of the film.

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