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5 Facts to Check about Akshay Kumar on his Birthday

Akshay Kumar

Yes, its Akshay Kumar’s birthday today when he has turned 51 who is regarded as the  fittest and influential stars of Bollywood. So, at the outset, let’s greet this man on behalf of CineTalkers, a very happy birthday to him and many many returns of the day. At his big day, we would explore some of the interesting facts about the actor, which are as under:

1). Lean and Mean 

Though the B Town actors loves to build his muscular physique, but he likes to remain with his lean body and his workout sessions are very much different from his contemporaries. In his day to day workout session he is seen doing a couple of things including cycling, martial arts, boxing, and swimming. He never consumes protein shakes, while he happens to be average on the long run.

2). Holiday on the weekends

He is a family man and hence he ensures that he has a free weekend. He keeps his weekend free and thus gives his time to his wife and children to have quality time together. That’s really sweet of him.

3). Goes to bed early 

The actor simply do not like put extra pressure on his life having late nights and sleep in the morning. Hence one can find a number of his night scenes are done in the morning as he is back to home or hotel during the night time.

4). Yes to Healthy diet but no to Junk foods

The Khiladi of B Town is away from all sorts of junk things, which include the drinks and smoke. He often prefers to consume healthy food including nuts and fruits. Besides, he consumes water more than 5 liters on a daily basis.

5). The Family dates

Akshay Kumar is often is seen planning a holiday and the film weekend with his family despite his hectic working life. After all he is the man with difference, which others are not.

Wrapping Up

This is something which makes Akshay Kumar different from other actors. So, once again we wish the actor a very happy and special birthday to him.

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