5 Facts About Susane Damouni Fitness Blogger That Will Make You Think Twice.

The Internet has given us some hidden talent online. People from various parts of the world have suddenly got the fame which they deserve much earlier in their life. We were stuck with few people in our lives, whether its fitness or fashion we were not aware of what’s new and what’s right in fashion and fitness world. But never too late, the growth of the Internet and social media platforms are giving us some gem of talent from different parts of the world.
We came across one social media Icon from Toronto, she is fit and marvellous and impressive with her updates on the social media platform. Her tips are working for millions in fashion and fitness. Now that’s what we call an inspirational talent and social media influencer who inspire and help others to do right in their life. She is known as Susane.dxoxo on Instagram, with a whopping 2.1 million followers from various parts of the world.

Susane is a Barbie doll of Instagram, she is perfect with her styling and her physique is just WOW. Susana is a great makeup and fitness blogger. She spends lots of time in this two thing, she feels girls first thing in the 21st century is makeup and everyone today wants to look perfect, so she does lots of research on cosmetics and complete makeup kits which are suitable for fans and for her too.

If you go through her pictures on Instagram, you will always find her with perfect with her looks, and that’s a sign of an experienced and expert social media influencer. She tries things first and then recommends to her fans as she knows her responsibility as social media Icon. Susana knows whatever she will post online on social media platform will be followed by millions worldwide, so she never displays unnecessary things and products for money and all.

Susane’s name comes in top bloggers list who are supremely fit, this girl is having one of the best curves like an Ultra Model. She sets and a perfect example for all the social media fitness influencer. Susane has one most beautiful curves any girl can have. She spends lots of time on her workouts as she knows to look fit and fab you have to maintain your physique in the best way. Susana has the figure which will force you to think, is she real or a Doll. She has definitely grabbed lots of attention on social media platform with her super beautiful body and with her blogging too.

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