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5 Bollywood Stars who own their Private Jets: Let’s check their style and swag inside their jets

celebrities private jet

The B Town stars have their own aura and style. Their swag they showcase amidst all luxury is incredible to present. They own expensive cars, bikes, huge mansions and many more things and few even own their own charter flights. When the move around the world with their private jets, they showcase their own aura and style. Their jets have many things right from spa to parlor and many more things. Well, let’s check their style and swag of the 5 Bollywood actors who own private jets as under:
1). Amitabh Bachchan 

Amitabh Bachchan private jetThe legendary star of B Town is known for his versatility but at the same time for his humbleness and punctuality.  The Big B charges around Rs. 15-20 crores for per film and it has a huge money in his banks. He own his private Jet that cost approx 260 crores.

2). Salman Khan

salman khan private jet

The actor who owns a jet is Salman Khan who is known among the highest paid actors in B Town. The Race 3 actor charges approx Rs. 40-45 crores for his film while gains on the profit of the film as well. Though he stays alone in his his 1 bhk flat in Galaxy apartment but he owns his own cool luxurious private jet.
3). Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan

In owning a private jet, how can SRK be back, he also owns the one that has a whopping 350 crore. He charges not less than 30 -40 crore per film, while also makes a good huge money. SRK also has a chain of hotels that makes him a rich man in the industry.
4). Akshay Kumar
Akshay Kumar private jet
He owns a jet after all he is among the top earning actors in B Town. He does ot less than 4 to 5 films a year and charges around 40 crore for completing films in 40 days. He has his own jet that takes him at different places.
5). Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan private jet

He is among the most talented actors in B Town who is known for his dancing skills. Hrithik is seen earning not less than 20 to 30 Crores for a single flick. It was during doing the film of Jodha Akbar,he was seen cracking the deal for the jet.
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