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5 Bollywood Franchises That Should Now Stop Making Further Films

The B Town now has a number of franchise that embark upon several films and remakes time and again. A number of successful films are seen coming out with the sequel for it, but not all the films are competent enough to be digested by the audience. It simply gets worse and the love of the audience for that particular franchise based film seems to come to an end. Well, its time to take a look at the franchises, which should simply stop making the films, have a look at the five ones:

1). Murder

murder 1 2 3

The film had only one thing the sizzling lady in it that was only busy in giving away a movie with intimate scenes. It is the second part, which seems to be very much cool and hot to catch, however, if you look at the larger picture, the franchise is weird to catch. Let’s forget this franchise now.

2). Masti

The film was a big success though when it came with its first part and then in a time span of around 8-9 years, it came with a couple but every time it came it was nothing but a sad story to tell. So, when we have seen this film boring a lot, we would certainly not like to get one for sure.

3). Krrish

Krishh 1 2 3
The franchise started with the film Koi Mil Gaya, which then came up with another called Krrish that was also a big bit. But when the third part came Krrish 3, it was not less than a weird one to catch. They are not planning to be the part of the film, which happens to be very much sure about the audience that simply should stop making the same.

4). Housefull

Housefull 1 2 3
When it came the first time, it had something really interesting thing to explore and entertained everyone. But with every addition of the film under this franchise, it was not less than a boring and annoying film to catch. It has reached to the fourth season but the makers – Sajid Khan should stop making it.

5). Kya Kool Hain Hum

kya kool hai ham 1 2
Another disgusting film to catch is Kya Kool Hai Hum, which is only made to give space to the brother of Ekta Kapoor. He barely knows any kind of acting and forget about doing anything worthy rather than adding some adult sort of content in the film to make it a hit. But guess what the makers should stop making any film under this franchise.

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