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5 Bollywood Films to Catch this Guru Purnima

5 Bollywood Films to Catch this Guru PurnimaAs the days of film making in B Town started, the tradition of disciples and Gurus have displayed in different films. It simply showcases the tradition of gurus and their disciples that have been portrayed in vivid detail over the silver screen. As the special festival that celebrates the guru in our life called Guru Purnima appears, it is often interesting to catch such films in B Town. The relationship between a Guru and Chela (disciple) based on a sense of humor often remain successful with the audience. Let’s check some of the Bollywood that has showcased the spirit of Guru Purnima as under:

Chalti Ka Naam Gadi : This is among the evergreen movies in B Town, which has been ever produced in Hindi Cinema. It had all the three brothers in it with Ashok Kumar being the elder of the two was seen their guru and their leader of the other two siblings played by Anup and Kishore Kumar. He keeps them away from the women apart from helping them learn to repair cars.Chalti Ka Naam Gadi

Lage Raho Munna Bhai & Munna bhai MBBS : In the recent times, the Guru and Chela have their own ways of making their relationship and the one between Sanjay Dutt and Arshad Warsi is a classic example as showcased in these two films. The Hirani film had much to offer when it comes to see how the Guru directs and make his disciple tread the road of goodness and his disciple follows.Lage Raho Munna Bhai

Padosan : The other film that showcases the spirit of a Guru is Padosan wherein was see Kishore Kumar taking away the leaf over his elder brother in his previous film but pays tribute the best in this film.Padosan Movie

Laawaris : The film had Big B and Ram Sethi and their pair remains the hallmark of all the Prakash Mehra movies. In fact, each of his films including this had that idea of a Guru and Chela in it that has an interesting character to reveal. This Guru Purnima you can catch this film for sure.Laawaris Movie

Kashmir Ki Kali : The film had Shammi Kapoor and Rajender Nath and it showcased a unique Guru & disciple relationship that had sojourned from the classic black and white film. It gave a comical relief when the two came on the silver screen but was worthy to catch here.Kashmir Ki Kali Movie

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