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5 Bollywood Films That Were Promoted In The Most Unique Ways

The B Town is known to promote in different ways. But most of the time, the films are promoted in the usual and simple ways that resemble a lot to each other. The fact is promotion plays a vital role in creating a good buzz in the media. However, a number of movies too made attempt to have quirky and creative product promotions. So, how about checking some of the 5 Bollywood Films That  Were Promoted In The Most Unique Ways, how about checking the same as under:
1). Freaky Ali
The film starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui was seen having smart promotion. He was seen selling out underwear in the market of Hyderabad in order to promote his film. No comments on this one.
2). 3 Idiots
3 idiots image 3 diots
3 idiots image 3 diots
For the film starring Aamir Khan has seen designing a reality game in order to promote his movie. In this game, the actor Aamir had himself visited different cities of India in a number of avatars, and the audience seen the task to find him. He was seen giving seven clues and the first one was given by Sachin Tendulkar.
3). Badrinath Ki Dulhania
Badrinath Ki Dulhania box office
The production house was seen leaving no stone unturned to promote this movie. The actor Varun Dhawan even went on to change his name from Varun Dhawan to Varun Badrinathdhawan on Twitter to promote his film.
4). Kill Dill 
kill-dill-box office prediction
In the year 2014, the lead actors Parineeti Chopra and Ranveer Singh were seen choosing some  walls of Mumbai to promote their action comedy and romantic movie. They were seen painting and drawing the graffiti over the local walls to make the audience aware the people about the movie. But the BMC were seen washing away the paintings.
5). Kahaani
61127 kahaani
The film starring Vidya Balan, which seemed to be nailing it this time. She was seen promoting her film like a pregnant woman, which her visible baby bump
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