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5 Bollywood couples who give us friendship goals

You can stay still with your heart and many of us simply remain stable and inspired by many B Town couples who teach us a number of friendship lessons allows up to have our own friendship goals. How about checking some of the Bollywood couples who help us to have a friendship goal in the following paragraphs:

1). Akshay and Twinkle

Akshay and Twinklewo

The two share a good couple and they have met over the shooting for the Filmfare magazine cover page. They fell in love with each other and have been living together with happiness and glee giving everyone a reason to be with each other’s company. They can inspire anyone to have a cool friendship goal for sure.

2). Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri

SRK has come a long way, right from a man who slept on the streets of Bombay to be the one who owns a grand mansion in the prime location of the city, he has been supported and backed his wife Gauri despite she came from a different culture, religion and financial background. But she stood there for him till the man turned a ruler of the city winning millions of hearts all across the world. This couple certainly remains inspiration to many for having a subtle friendship goal.

3). Riteish and Genelia

Riteish and Genelia

The couple came in touch for a while and soon got married to each other. They were introduced by their common friend since then have been inseparable. They have emerged as perfect example of being a supportive and caring couple. They have got married since five years and have kids who make them united all the time.

4). Abhishek and Aishwarya

Abhishek and Aishwarya

Though they remained the most unusual love couples this generation due to the reason that they have remained the most unexpected one and perhaps this is the way the couples are made and become a perfect one. The two remain ideal couple in many ways and remain a perfect inspiration for many to have a perfect friendship goal.

5). Saif and Kareena

Saif and Kareena

They come from different age group, religion, culture and many more other things yet they are together. They have surpassed all such hurdles and have remained close to each other like friends, buddies and life partners. With their commitment they have showcased the idea that they are inseparable couple apart from being the most loving one in B Town

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