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5 Bollywood Actresses who impressed their Belly Dancing Skills

The dance numbers in Bollywood films are not a new phenomenon. The filmmakers in the industry have always tried this trend in the films since past a decade. Even the versatile actors and dancing divas including Bindu, Helen, and Padma Khanna too have tried these styles during their golden era and were seen gracing the audience of B Town with a big bang. Belly dancing has a long history in B Town as well and we have seen even the modern divas too with their impressive moves. How about checking the 5 Bollywood Actresses who impressed their Belly Dancing Skills as under:
1). Katrina Kaif – Mashallah Song 

The pretty lady has been known to experiment in B Town films. The stunning actress tried Belly dance in one of the film Ek Tha Tiger song called Mashallah and impressed anyone. The song was a big hit especially the video thanks to the incredible dance of the lady in the movie that proves she is a competent dancer and talented actress as well.
2). Rani Mukherjee in Aga Bai

Rani is one of the talented actors of B Town thanks to some of the best performances including the dance and cool acting thing in different movies. When she came with this song called Aga Bai from the film Aiyya, she simply impressed everyone. She tried her luck in belly dancing and was able to impress with her looks and performance.
3). Nora Fatehi in Dilbar

The next and the self made lady is the Indo American dancer and actress called Nora Fatehi who caught on several social platforms with her dance videos. The song was an instant hit with 20 million views within 24 hours.The song is a reprise from the film Sirf Tum.
4). Mallika Sherawat in Mayya Mayya

She has tried several times the style of Belly dancing and she has remained the talk of the town when she came with her songs like from a few movies, which include the song called Mayya from the film Guru.
5). Deepika Padukone in Lovely

She can be called as the top contenders of Bollywood when it comes to belly dancing. She tried the first time in the film Happy New Year for the song called Lovely that garnered rave reviews about the same.
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