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5 Bollywood Actresses who are the victims of Domestic Violence

Though domestic violence cases are reported for the middle and lower middle classes of our society but unfortunately, this menace has even spread in higher and affluent classes and B Town is certainly not an exception. We now hear cases of the same when the Bollywood actors have separated due to Domestic violence cases. How about catching up some of the popular Victims of these cases in Bollywood domestic cases as under:

1) Rati Agnihotri & Anil Virwani

Rati Agnihotri & Anil Virwani

The Ek Duje Ke liye actress embarked with a very shocking affair wherein she was seen filing a case against her hubby accusing him for the domestic violence case.

2) Shweta tiwari and Raja chaudhari

Shweta tiwari and Raja chaudhari

She remained into her marriage for around 14 years but amidst all these years she claims to have faced tortures a lot in her life that made her to end up her marriage. During her marriage, the lady has reported several incidences to the police station a number of verbal and physical abuse.

3) Rahul Mahajan & Dimply Ganguly

Rahul Mahajan & Dimply Ganguly

Rahul is a popular name as was the son of BJP leader. He married in a most dramatic way to the lady Dimply Ganguly in Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayega. Just after her marriage Dimpy was seen accusing Rahul domestic violence and abuse. She left for a while but the two met again in Bigg Boss program.

4) Yookta Mookey and Prince Tuli

Yookta Mookey and Prince Tuli

Yookta Mookhey is seen registered about complaint against her husband Prince Tuli in the year 2012, when she was seen accusing him of domestic violence and unnatural sex. The former Miss model got married to Prince Tuli in November 2008 but soon after four years she said that went through painful marriage in the year 2013.

5) Zeenat Aman & Mazhar Khan

Zeenat Aman Mazhar Khan

The lady was known for playing bold roles in the conservative age of the seventies but her story is unusual and tear jerking. The actress was seen in an abusive relationship with actor Sanjay Khan from whom she has suffered a severe eye injury.

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